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Christmas Market at Night
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Merry Mingle Market

Our Community

Chicago, IL USA

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Image by Corinne Kutz
Our Community


Our Community is an online small business platform & directory dedicated to sourcing a small business. Social media has been a small business owners saving grace since the pandemic began, however those platforms weren't created to support them. Their sole purpose is growing their own networks, not yours.
The small business world has very specific needs and unfortunately most social media platforms fall short in properly supporting and marketing for them.

Here at the OC , we believe in supporting the small business owner and allowing them the freedom to promote their own businesses as they see fit, and not how we believe they should. Social media networks have multiple restrictions that don't allow for that to happen.

The only way to change the future of small business is to change the rules of an antiquated game.
We need to provide consumers with ONE site that makes sourcing a small business a no-brainer! That's where OC comes in!

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Our Community
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Christmas Trees
Image by Simon Berger

Join Our Community and enjoy the benefits

  • An online directory dedicated to small business, creatives and local markets.

  • A small business community to network in.

  • A specialized platform for the independent creatives.

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