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FAQs for small business owners, market organizers & shoppers.

Do you have questions? I'll answer them here.

I'm answering the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Our Community


What is Our Comunity?

Our Community is a directory for small businesses, makers and the markets they sell at, which connects the entire creative market community. You can find local markets and connect with new vendors.

There is no fee for you to use our directory.

How do I use Our Community?

On the homepage, you’ll see tabs to find businesses, makers & local markets. 

When you contact the markets or businesses & makers listed on Our Community, they will return your message as soon as possible. If you do not receive a response or have further questions, please contact OC directly here.


 It's easy.What do you get as a Business/Maker Member? Click the button below to see exactly what’s involved – Small business & maker membership is just $5.00 a month!

Is it easy to use Our Community?

It's easy. Once your membership is approved, you will have access to create your username and password to set up your business page. Your auto-fill form is set up for you to simply fill out with your info, pictures and a video. It's that simple. However, if you are having trouble setting up your page, you can always contact us here.

Our Community is a curated platform and we have certain measures by which we accept small business owners to abide by in order to ensure the standard remains high. Our main criteria includes:

  • High quality product images are essential.

  • Clear brand identity.

  • Consistent content / product offering. 

  • A good appreciation for the market / vendor stall set up.

  • Use of Instagram – you must have an Instagram page in order to join Our Community, as we expect our members to also share Our Community's posts as we share yours. Word of mouth is crucial!

  • A good dose of positivity! We love welcoming new members to our community, but ask you to take on board any feedback we may give and improve elements of your practice should you need to – we are here to help you succeed. We want you to get the most from your membership and offer advice and guidance wherever possible.

  • No nudity or adult products are allowed on the site.

Other elements will be taken into account but the above criteria is essential for all business members.

Do I need my own website?


Your Our Community page can link to and feature items from online shops including Etsy and Shopify, etc.  You can also link to your social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

How often should I change my product photos?

Your OC page will raise your business’ visibility, so it is important to ensure product images are up to date. Once you have a OC page set up, you can change the photo gallery as often as you’d like.

We recommend keeping your page fresh, with current products (especially seasonal) and clear product photography.

My business is new – is Our Community still suitable?

The age of your business will not be taken into account when joining Our Community. Even if you are new to the market scene or have never sold at events before, we are happy to support you and help you to get started.

Am I tied into a contract?

No. I want you to feel free to make decisions about your business. If Our Community membership isn’t working for you, let us know and we will stop taking payment and we will remove your business page.


Is it easy to list markets on Our Community?


We have made Our Community as user-friendly as possible, but I'm on hand if you have any questions.

How much does listing a market cost?

Once you register with Our Community as a Market Organizer, for a one-time registration fee of $9.98, you can list as many events as you’d like for $5.00 per Market.

 Click here to purchase plan.

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