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MC Design Collaboration is a consultant group for the

wholesale, gift, and retail industry.

With more than 45 years in the industry, we help you

re-create, re-design, and re-imagine.


Michelle Sherrier - Founder

MC Design

My first job was hanging apparel displays on the walls of Wet Seal. This learning experience was instrumental in helping solve the puzzle of how to get so many different looks on a small slat wall. I learned how products come together to tell a visual story and my teenage self was forever changed.

During my career, I have owned 3 stores at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, have worked with Z Gallerie as well as Anthropologie. These pivotal roles cultivated my business acumen, my eye for aesthetic, and overall grow a deeper understanding of the intricacies of retail as well as the key role visual merchandising plays in retail.

I am a creative curator, and dare I say, a visionary gangster. My goal has always been to help prospective clients grow their business, connect and understand their clientele, and push the envelope to increase sales. At the end of the day, it can all look amazing, but if it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t matter how

good it looks.

The Retail Whore Podcast

A podcast of stories and lessons from a life in retail. After decades spent in the retail industry, I’ve seen and done it all. Join me every week as I interview people from all walks of retail, the service industry, the wholesale gift industry, and more. We’ll talk about what drives them, the things they love, and some of the biggest lessons they have learned along the way.
Brace yourself for The Retail Whore Podcast, a podcast that entertains and educates!

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Katie Hunt is a seasoned business strategist with over 20 years experience coaching large corporations & entrepreneurs on sales & marketing strategies.

Since 2011, Katie has helped thousands of product brands successfully launch and scale their wholesale programs through Proof to Product. You'll find her client’s products stocked on the shelves of Target, Nordstrom, Container Store, Urban Outfitters, Starbucks (to name a few) and boutiques around the world.

With her guidance, Katie’s clients have…

» Surpassed $2M in annual revenue
» Fulfilled a single PO for Barnes & Noble to the tune of $160k
» Increased wholesale revenue by 149% in one year
» 10x wholesale revenue in a single month
» Hit yearly sales goals by October & took a month OFF!

One of Katie’s superpowers is her ability to optimize any business system, process or workflow without overcomplicating things. This is particularly true with email marketing.

She values simplicity in business and has a knack for breaking down complicated strategies into simple steps so that you have stronger sales, higher profit & more support.


» You’ve created a unique product line
» You’re actively selling through wholesale & retail channels
» Your revenue is growing steadily month over month.

You’re not afraid of hard work.

But you’re tired of working alone and you feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle.


It’s called Proof to Product LABS!

Inside of LABS, you’ll participate in live trainings, community events and coaching opportunities.

Plus you’ll gain access to our rich vault of on-demand resources, including:
✔️ 3+ years of exclusive trainings to strengthen your business foundations, sales & marketing.
✔️ 60+ plug-and-play templates to help you take action faster.
✔️ Trusted vendor recommendations for manufacturers, service providers and tech tools.
✔️ Our LABS success path to help you map out next steps for your particular business.

No fluff here. Just practical, actionable advice tailored specifically for your needs as a product brand and a generous & kind community lean on for support.

Unlock all of this and more for only $99/mo, cancel anytime.

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