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Local Growers

Welcome to our Local Growers page, a celebration of North American agriculture at its finest. Here, you'll embark on a journey through the vibrant world of local farmers and producers, each with a unique story to tell. From the rich bounty of produce farms to the delicate beauty of flower farms, and the sweetness of apiaries, our community of growers brings you the essence of freshness, sustainability, and the flavors of your region. Embrace the spirit of local farming, support your community, and savor the rewards of farm-to-table living. Dive in, explore, and discover the heart of local agriculture on this page.

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Micro Flower Farm 

Vancouver, WA

Micro Flower Farm was born from the dream to transform a small property into a vibrant, productive flower garden! I farm on an urban, 1/2 acre in Vancouver WA. I love all seasons but my primary focus is the spring season and summer dahlias!

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Girl Next Door Honey

San Diego, CA

Girl Next Door Honey focuses on bee-centric programs such as natural beekeeping classes, apiary management, classroom presentations, beehive tours, live bee removal and more! Hilary’s beekeeping exploits and unique business model have inspired people all around the world. 

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Sunflower Steve Seed Co.

Northern Wisconsin

We have been growing cut flowers since 2000, and we were always looking for new and different flowers to set ourselves apart from the competition. In 2008 we planted the 12 seeds that came from that multi-colored, double flowering sunflower in hopes of creating a new variety of sunflower to be used in our cut flower farm business. 

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Mother's  Finest Family Farm

North Carolina

Our family farm consist of 2.5 acre of growing space in an Urban Environment and leasing 5 more Acres in the other city limits to expand our farming production. We grow for our value-added products and our CSA Box subscription members. Through the leadership of Mother/ Certified Beekeeper and Master Gardener Samantha "Foxx" Winship we learn new ways to innovate our farming practices, product development and operations.

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The Lavender Barnyard

Farminton, MN

We started with the simple idea of trying to figure out a way to earn a living from our few acres of land. We planted the Lavender not knowing if it would survive a Minnesota winter and our efforts were rewarded!
They have not only survived, but thrived and we were able to make our first harvest in 2021 of almost 15,000 stems!

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Krueger's Christmas Tree Farm

Lake Elmo, MN

Our family has been growing Christmas trees since 1954 and farming this land since 1916. 2023 is our 69th year!  We offer both cut-your-own and pre-cut trees.

Located just east of the Twin Cities, we have the best quality selection of trees, an authentic farm experience, and great service

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